Check out our amazing range of extras available to help enhance your day.  Any of these items can be either prebooked and paid for or subject to availability can be purchased on the day. We do recommend pre-booking any gun upgrades as there is only a limited supply but for any extra paintballs and pyrotechnics you can grab these at any time during your visit.


GOG Enemy Tactical

Enter the battle field and look the part with this amazing paintball gun upgrade, exclusive to our paintball venue. The rugged aluminum body will withstand heavy duty combat situations and provides increased performance and durability. The Omega's permanent, fixed sight rail provides you a continuous lock on your opponents, thereby giving you the confidence needed to take them out of the game. Grab your gear, lock and load and hit the field running with the Omega today!

£10.00 rental for the session



Paintball Gloves

Buy yourself a pair of our specially designed armoured or padded paintball gloves and give your hands a bit of extra protection. Keep those trigger fingers in good working order - and perfect for those colder days too!

£8.00 Full Finger, £7.00 Half Finger, £5.00 Padded Camo or £3.00 Woollen



Smoke Bombs, Thunder Flash & Paint Grenades

Make your day go with a bang and take out the opposition with one of our awesome paint grenades also available are smoke grenades and thunder flashes to further give you the edge (18+ and site use only).

£5.00 Each or Mix & Match 5 for £20.00